Search Torrents From CLI


Searching for torrents through web browser can by frustrating not only because sites seems to go up/down more often lately but even when that's not the case most of them are flooded with dick popups and fake download buttons and I've spent more time searching for ad blockers instead of torrents so I made my own tool.


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Wisdom Backup


I just found out that unlike ebooks on Safari Queue iOS app, video tutorials are not encrypted so I came up with this one-liner-backup-solution that lists paths to all videos on filesystem.

for i in `find ~/*/Data/A* -name ".com*"`;do if [[ `cat $i|grep iQ` ]]; then find `dirname $i` -name '*.mp4'; fi; done

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Watch MovieBox Content on Linux


I've been looking for a way to stream MovieBox content from iOS (jailbroken) to my computer running Linux (Ubuntu). In other post I wrote how to use AirServer to do that on Win/Mac but there seems to be no easy way to do that on Linux so I wrote this tool. It works on Linux/Mac and Windows supports Activator and doesn't require AppleTV or any additional service to be running on computer except ssh server and VLC player. There is also alternative mode which doesn't require ssh but it's not as straightforward and requires iFile to be installed on iOS. This tool also won't drain your iPhone battery because there is no actual streaming going on between iPhone and computer as moviebox-connect resolves remote content URL and uses SSH connection just to hand over this URL to VLC player on computer so once you trigger Activator gesture videos start playing on computer and you can turn on iPhone.

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Export iOS Safari Bookmarks for Firefox/Chrome on Desktop.


As there is no way to export bookmarks from Safari on iOS except through iCloud it means that before you move your bookmarks you have to hand them over to Apple. In past here was such an option in iTunes you could connect iPhone to Mac through USB and copy it directly but this option has been removed so I wrote this utility which exports bookmarks into Firefox/Chrome format and can search bookmarks from command line.

# search bookmarks containing 'blog'
./ blog
$VAR1 = {
         'title' => 'RSS',
         'url' => ''

# export bookmarks for Firefox/Chrome
Exported in /Users/zdenek/bookmarks.html

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Night Mode for Safari in Reading mode


One of the features why I like to use Safari on iOS instead of 3rd party browsers is Reader mode that will get you rid of all ads on website and will present article in readable form. This feature was on OSX Safari since forever and only lately has been added to Firefox. One problem with reader on iOS8.4 is that there is no option to modify background color when reading in dark. iOS10 added this option along with custom fonts but on 8.4 only font size can be modified.

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